Welcome to the website of Blueberry Communications, where fresh thinking meets reliable, authoritative counsel. If you are looking for a PR partner with established industry credentials, proven expertise, and a no-frills / transparent approach to business, then read on.


We are an independent Kent based PR consultancy with no illusions of grandeur, and a practical ‘can do’ approach to business. Our over-riding priority with any client is to deliver quality results ensuring the PR campaign represents a valid ROI.

What you can expect from Blueberry:
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A commitment to understanding a client’s business allowing us to offer PR recommendations which complement the overall commercial strategy and realise meaningful results
London PR agency experience, but with the personalised touch and gold standard customer service commensurate with a smaller local company
Genuine consultancy input as opposed to access to a resource to simply implement preconceived ideas. We make no excuse for the fact that we are not merely ‘yes’ people!
A passion for your business, integrity and the loyal support of a PR partner with a genuine desire to make a difference
Recognition of the growing importance of accountability and implicit need to defend any marketing investment